Dodger Says Hi!

Dodger is sitting on my lap while I am at the computer... and he really wants to make a blog entry!

Here is his 'Hello' to everyone! :oP

nmmmn jkmllkmn mn mM, FRCDGTFRVVVVVVVVVVVVol

Okay, bye for now! I've got to get ready so Nick and I can go pick up the rest of our tile and go look at couches! :o)



  1. yes we did. its a little more money than we wanted to spend, but Nick really liked it. We'll get a sofa and the chair and a half. It is so comfy. They don't have a pic on the website otherwise I would post it. We didn't get it yet though because we have nowhere to put it, so once we get carpet we'll order it! :o)


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