The Best!

It is the best when my daughter gives me with a huge smile when I go to pick her up!

It is the best when I am feeding my daughter and she grabs my fingers!

It is the best when my daughter laughs at anything and everything!

It is the best when I have a 'conversation' with my daughter!

I love my daughter more and more each day.  I often look at her and wonder how I could be so lucky to have such a wonderful, precious little girl...who each and every day is getting bigger and growing a personality!

I wake up each morning to her smiling face!  She instantly brightens my day! She's the best!



  1. Addison is starting to smile at me when i hold her and its amazing. She's also starting to pull on my hair (kid had a death grip sometimes!). Watching the superbowl last night she was cooing when i was explaing-or rather doing my best to-football. I love being a mommy!

  2. My granddaughter is the most beautiful little girl! Just look at those big gorgeous blue eyes. She is the love of life! Gramdma sends you lots of hugs and kisses Hannah,


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