25 Random Things

1. I dated my husband for 11 years before we finally got married.
2. We had our little girl, Hannah, 13 months later.
3. I majored in photography but now I'm a graphic designer.
4. I have lived less than 5 miles away from my husband OUR WHOLE LIFE but I didn't meet him until high school. Freaky!
5. I always wanted a dog but our parents never let us have one. So the moment I was able to get my own, I did. He's a dachshund named Dodger.
6. A year and a half later I got my second dog, another dachshund, Emma.
7. If I could I would get another dachshund... a wire hair. That way I would have one of each coat: long hair, short hair and wire hair.
8. My husband and I are currently building our second house... its behind Nicks parents and down the street from my parents. It's wonderful!
9. Indiana is not the even close to being the best state to live in but I never want to leave it. My family is here!
10. I would love to be a wedding planner or an interior design, but I am NEVER going back to school, EVER.
11. I hated college! The only good thing about it was meeting Sara, my bestest friend!
12. I haven't seen Sara in almost a year because she lives in Ohio.
13. I hate Ohio!
14. I have never been to a state west of the Mississippi River.
15. The first time I went to Europe was on our honeymoon: Italy, Greece, and Turkey. I can't wait to go back!
16. One day I will go to Antarctica!
17. I love to read people blogs-- people who I know, people who I don't--I will just look through the blogs that people list as the blogs they read. And I will check them a million times a day until they update them. I admit I have a problem!
18. Buying clothes for Hannah makes me more happy than buying clothes for myself. Plus, they're cheaper! :o)
19. I always thought it would be cool to have a baby on my birthday... because I was born on my moms birthday.
20. But I want our next child born in March or April so I can be pregnant during the winter and wear cute maternity sweaters.
21. Hannah's middle name is Danielle--the same as mine!
22. I have a 27 degree curve in the spine. Gotta love scoliosis.
23. I have NEVER been able to touch my toes bending forward, but I could touch my heels bending backwards.
24. I am too chicken to get my ears double pierced.
25. I have been wanting to get a tattoo but I can't think of something important enough to brand on my body for life.


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