House Updates!

We finally got stone on our fireplace and I couldn't be more happy with it!  :o) We have to stain the mantle (and the windows)  but everything is really starting to come together!

Here is my office with the accent wall all finished!  

Our kitchen tile!  :o)  Its going to look awesome with our espresso cabinets! I can't wait for them to get installed so I can see everything together.  They were delivered Monday (along with our trim and doors) so they should go up pretty soon.



  1. Oh I love the house so far!!! Our fireplace is almost exactly the same, only we have round rock instead. But I love the way it looks! And wow, that accent wall is so cool!!!! Will you come design my house if we ever build one?

  2. Thanks Courtney! And sure, I'll give you a hand on designing! :oP

  3. I'm so happy for you guys!!! And Hannah is getting soooo big!!


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