Janie and Jack

Oh I wish I had endless amounts of money to buy super cute clothes for Hannah!

Janie and Jack is having a Season Finale Sale.

Ruffle Velveteen Vest $19.99

Ruffle Heart Top $15.99

Plaid Toggle Jumper $19.99

Please, everything else that isn't on sale is too cute for words...

Embroidered Daisy Bow Dress $48.00

Embroidered Scalloped Top         Embroidered Daisy Pleated Skirt
$28.00                                          $34.00

Crochet Lace Jacket $58.00

Hand-Smocked Gingham Overall         Hand-Embroidered Beanie
$38.00                                                     $18.00

Hand-Smocked Stripe Dress $42.00

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