4 Month Comparison

HANNAH:                              COLSON:                                   HAILEY:
14.9 lbs (75th)                         14.5 lbs (40th)                             12.14 lbs (31st)
24 in (45th)                             23 3/4 in (10th)                            23 1/4 in (14th)

Hailey is by far the smallest. I seem to just make smaller and smaller kids. :o/

I just hope we avoid any issues like we had with Colson. 

If you need to catch up, read about his growth issues HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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  1. I think the girls look almost identical in their pictures!

  2. Hannah and Hailey look SO similar!

  3. And my kids love to eat! :o) I can't believe Ethan is 10.6 at 2 months!
    The girls do look a lot alike!


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