4 Months Old

Miss Hailey is 4 months old today.

She is sleeping through the night--usually from 9-7.

A few weeks ago we decided to stop swaddling. She was fighting it a lot and it was waking her up. She has done well with the transition. She has only woken up a handful of times and it was because her arms woke her up. I have fallen in love with the sleep sack blankets. I never used them with Hannah or Colson but Hailey got one as a Christmas gift. I loved it so much I went out and bought Hailey another one. :oP

Hailey eats about every 4 hours. I don't plan on starting baby food any time soon. With Hannah and Colson I waited until they were almost 6 months old. I figured if their weight is fine and they are sleeping through the night, there is no rush to start food.

She fits in 3 month clothes very comfortably.

We just upped her to a size 2 diaper because she was starting to pee through them at night.

She loves to talk and coo and she has recently found her hand--which are pretty much the coolest things ever. She has also started sticking out her tongue and she makes the cutest faces.

She rocks at tummy time but she still does not roll over yet. Probably because after 5-10 minutes of being on her tummy she falls asleep. ??? I'm not too concerned.

She is absolutely fascinated with her big brother and sister...which is good because they are always intruding in on her space. She just lays there and smiles at them though. It is very cute.

I just can't believe she is 4 months old already. I am trying to soak in every minute of her baby-ness because before I know she is going to be sitting up and crawling. Ah!

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  1. I can't believe she is 4 months old already. It goes by so fast. A lot of people have told me about these sleep sacks and they seem pretty cool! Happy 4 months Miss Hailey!

  2. Ethan loves looking at Mackenzie. She can usually get him to stop crying just by standing next to him.
    Mackenzie didn't roll until she was 6 months old...hailey has time. :o)


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