Happenings Lately

This last week was a long one! We all had our turn with a nasty head cold. Colson was first, then Nick, then Hailey and Hannah, and then I ended the week of the sickies. Hannah missed school for a couple days. We spent a lot of time in our pjs and we watched lots of cartoons.

I would say that today we are all about 95% better. Just in time for more frigid subzero temps and more snow. Why can't it just be Fall all year long???

This weekend will be spent catching up on house work and laundry, and planning out some meals that actually require some effort. :oP

We also have someone that is turning 3 in a week. It just totally blows my mind that Colson is going to be 3. I swear he was just Haileys size. The big birthday party is next weekend and planning is underway. Hopefully we don't get anymore crazy snow storms and we can actually have his party.

Colson wanted a train party so I have been working on decorations for it. He's pretty excited about it and asks everyday if today is his party. :oP

I'm pretty glad this week is over. It's never fun when your kids are sick. And it's definitely never fun when mama is sick because she doesn't get sick days. :o/ But now the sickies are out of the way and we can finish the details on Colson's party and just have fun celebrating our little man. :o)


  1. We have been the same here concerning sickness :-( slowly getting better though. Last week Fabio startet the whole thing with a fever of 104 degrees. Not so nice ;-(
    I'm longing for summer!!

    1. Yucky! :o( I hope everyone feels better soon! I definitely long for warmer weather! This winter has been awful!

  2. So glad everyone is almost back to normal!

    Aubrey's birthday is in a few weeks and I'm in denial that she's going to be 3! What happened?!

  3. Glad everyone is feeling better. I have a sore throat that is just teasing me - not getting worse. Not getting better. I'm terrified of getting Ethan sick.


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