Hello 2014!

Here we are...a new year. 2014!

And while I'm not one to make resolutions, there are some things that I would like to accomplish in 2014, not only personally but as a family.

I really want to lose the rest of the baby weight.

We are done in the children department so I know that the hard work I put into losing it will not be canceled out by another baby belly. I have managed to drop 30 pounds already after having Hailey. I am 5 pounds shy of my pregregnacy weight with her. I am pretty excited about that because that is the fastest I have ever dropped the weight.

Sadly though, I am still up 18 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight with Hannah. 18. And I want those 18 pounds gone! Forever! I want to be in the 130s again...by the summer! And I will make it happen! I haven't seen the 130s in over 5 years and I am so ready to get back there!

We are really hoping to start saving money and paying bills down. I would love to not see another hospital bill for a very long time so first up are those, then credit cards.

We would also love to take the kiddos to Disney World. Not this year and not the next but hopefully when the kiddos are 8, 5, and 3--or somewhere around there. But when we go we want to do it right. Hotel with the monorail. Mickey ear hats. Lots of fun. So we want to slowly start saving money for it so we don't regret taking the vacation.

And let's not even talk about our want to move. We technically have 4 bedrooms in our house but the 4th bedroom is currently my office...in our basement...which is unfinished. Granted we could finish our basement and have that 4th bedroom but it is still all by itself on the lower level of our house. Not ideal. I dont want one kid down there by themselves. And I am really not fond of the idea of the kids sharing a room. Just a personal preference...because yes they could share, I just would really like them to not have to. So we really want to move. More sooner than later. So we are hoping to figure things out and in the words of Tim Gunn--make it work!

I also just want to be more present. To go out and live life and have fun. Take the kiddos out to do things, see things, live things!

So I have big hopes and dreams for 2014. 2013 was pretty awesome but I think we can make 2014 even better with a little bit of hard work! :o)


  1. Make them share! :) That's what ours have to do for a little while and while I'm not loving the idea I think I prefer it over Ethan being in our room longer than 6 months. However, if they don't sleep, he will stay in our room.
    And yes we will get the baby weight off!

  2. I am right there with you with the house thing. Emma & Alyx are sharing a room. Not exactly what I had planned but for right now it is ok. I so badly want to move to a bigger house and we talk about it all the time, however it will be a while before that happens.
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. We also need a bigger house. But the thought of having the house "show ready" with four kids scares me. Ugh!

    We also want to plan a Disney trip, about the same ages. Apparently you can book trips now with about $200 down and make payments towards it. Smart plan, Disney, smart plan!

    1. Um, what is this Disney payment thing you speak of??? I am going to have to look into that! But yeah, I'd like to go in October--close to Hannah's 8th birthday. Seems so far away but I want all three kiddos to be at an age that they will all 'get' it and enjoy it. I think hailey at 2 years old is a bit too young. :o/


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