Hailey's 4 Month Well Baby Visit

Miss Hailey had her 4 month appointment today.
All looks good.

The doctor was a bit surprised that she is sleeping 10 hours every night.

Asked if I put her to bed awake--yes.

Asked if she sleeps in a crib in her own room--no. :o( And thanks for reminding me. Ah! He said that they usually prefer there to be at least a barrier of some sort so they can't see people, but as long as she is in her own bed and staying asleep being next to us that its not that big of a deal.

He said there is no real rush to start solids because she is sleeping so well...which is what I figured. So I plan to start food around 5 and a half months old.

Hailey got a big thumbs up from the doctor and said Little Miss looks good. Steady on the growth chart so we hope that continues.

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  1. Why do doctors want these babies in their own rooms so quickly? I had Mackenzie with us until 6 months. and I know lots of babies sleeping 10 hours at 3 months. Mackenzie was one of them....in our room right next to my bed too.
    Solids....she's not old enough for that! :o)


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