Snowed In

On Sunday a huge snow storm went through--Ion, I believe the weather channel named it.

By the end of the day Monday we had about another foot of snow on top of a good 6-8 already existing inches. The starting Monday evening we had freezing temps of -10 degrees with wind chills of up to -50. It was no fun. We were under a state of emergency and were not allowed on the roads.

School was supposed to start back up for Hannah on Tuesday but it was canceled. It was canceled again on Wednesday.

Oh, and did I mention that Nick had a business trip that he left for on Saturday night and was not home until Wednesday night??? Yeah, so I was snowed in, at home all by myself with three kiddos. Lets just say I was super glad to have Nick home on Wednesday. :o)

But we made the best of things while we were not able to leave the house.

We played dress-up.

We built a Sophia Princess cookie castle.

We made m&m cookies.

And we just goofed around.

Another good thing about having a few days of not being able to go anywhere...
Colson is now officially potty trained. 

We started on Friday, just kind of casually....sitting him on the potty every so often to see if he would go. And yes, he did manage to go a few times. So we gave the whole training underwear thing a go. We had a few accidents but he had more successes of going in the potty. 

So we decide that this is it. It's time for him to be potty trained. By Monday, he was telling me when he had to go potty and we would go sit and actually go. 

We have now been accident free for the past 2 days and he has told me when he has to go each and every time. He has even remained dry through the night for the past 2 nights, but we're going to keep him in a diaper during bed for the time being--mostly because he is still in his crib and can't get out! :oP (Toddler bed transition is the next big step.)

I was a little scared to potty train a boy but it honestly was no big deal. Well...until we have to teach him to stand up and pee. Ah! When do we do that anyways? I have no idea. Boy moms, can you help me out?

So, fun times being snowed in. :o) It's supposed to rain tomorrow and be 40 degrees so that will be a big sloppy pile of fun.

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  1. Funny, we attempted potty training again while being snowed in! Ha! We are having success though too! Yay!! As for the sitting/standing to pee thing. I have trained my two boys to sit and then let them decide when they are ready to stand. My thought was they were too little to stand and pee when out and about so they better learn to go while sitting. Just make sure it's pointing down or wet pants are a given. :)

  2. Potty training....ugh I'm hoping to start in February.
    We painted and played play-doh and I think made cookies too. :o)


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