An Update On Our Little Man

Last Friday, we traveled the 2.5 hours to Riley's Children's Hospital for an appointment with an endocrinologist.

The doctor asked us some questions and looked at Colson.

One of the first things he says:
"Your son has seen way too many doctors."

I was caught a little off guard quite honestly.

But then he proceeds to tell us that Colson's height--at a whopping 29 inches--puts him in the 1st percentile. But that all of his measurements are in proportion to his height.


Then the doctor goes into all of the medical terminology stuff.

His first T4 test was very high at 4.9 so they re-tested it and it came back at 2.5 which was just above normal. But what didn't make sense was that his TSH (Thyroid-Simulating Hormone) was normal. Where usually if someones thyroid is testing high, their TSH would be low because your body is trying to counteract the thyroid. This was not the case in Colson, however, and it raised a few questions with the doctor. In his words,
"The puzzle pieces weren't matching up correctly"
Because of this, the doctor wanted to do more blood tests.


But, the doctor told us that he believed everything was normal with Colson and that he was just small. The blood tests were just to be sure.

Well, today we got the results of the bloods tests.


Every single thing was normal. His T4 was at 1.9 which was normal. His TSH was normal. He did not have a single thing wrong with his thyroid.

The doctor said that sometimes boys are "late bloomers" and that Colson is most likely one of them.

He said we just need to monitor his growth and he wants to see Colson again in 9 months.

So, yeah a HUGE sigh of relief!!!

Sometimes, I think that maybe all of this was going a bit too far. Did we need to see an endocrinologist? Were we over reacting? But this was our child and for all we knew, our child was sick. We wanted to do everything in our power to make sure, that if he was sick, he was going to be okay and get what he needed medically.

So, yeah, I quickly slap myself! We did not go too far and we definitely did not ever react! We did what we had to do. And thankfully, as of right now, our little man is 'normal'. They cannot find anything medically, that is leading to him being small.

Someone has to be in the bottom percentiles, and Colson is just one of them. :o)

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  1. So lunch in 9 months!!

    And we will get lots of pictures while we can of Colson and Mackenzie to prove to them that once upon a time Colson was in fact smaller than Mackenzie.

    BUT if you think about it, we probably shouldn't because Colson would decide not to like Mavkenzie then....I mean she screamed bloody murder on their first car ride. She pulled his hair at their first 'real' play date. Now she towers over him and she did try 'screaming' at him at their first lunch date......

    Awwwww Mackenzie had a crush. :oP

    Ok theirs your 50 page long comment....

  2. i'm so glad to hear this!!

    he's such a cutie. and i'm sure you and nick are very relieved there wasn't anything going on.


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