29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks

Weight gain/loss: +25 pounds *tear*

Maternity clothes? Pants all the time. Tops most of the time.

Stretch marks? Nope... hopefully it stays that way!

Sleep? Between peeing all the time, having a hard time rolling over and dealing with my RLS...sleeping has been a blast!

Best moment this week? Being able to share Thanksgiving with all of our family.

Food cravings: That +25 pounds just keeps staring at me in the face. Quite frankly, I never want to eat again.

Gender: Boy!

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? All the time. 

What I miss? My body not hurting all the time.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas and getting all of our decorations up. We're going this weekend to cut down a tree and I can't wait for Hannah to help me decorate it! :o)

Milestones: Colson is almost 17 inches tall now, nearly as tall as he will be at birth. But that three-pound weight will likely more than double — and may even come close to tripling — by delivery time. 


And here is a not so flattering photo of my 29 week baby bump.  I'm posting it for all of my loyal readers. I feel huge and in this photo I look huge. 
I feel as though I look like I did when I was 36 weeks with Hannah. 

Only 9-ish weeks to go!

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  1. Weighing in at the doctors after the holidays sucks! I gained 2 pounds and I'm only at 8 weeks but it feels like more!!

    And I posted yesterday but I had started it and saved on the 23rd.

  2. I love baby bumps! You always show more with the second one. I think you look really cute!

  3. I think you look great, I wouldnt worry too much about the lbs, they will come off in time. I also think you look smaller with this baby but maybe its just me :-)

  4. Thanks girls! I feel like a cow but I know its all worth it in the end. :o)


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