Some Random Thoughts

I feel like I haven't posted a blog post worth much of anything lately so I wanted to do a post of some of my random thoughts.

Here we go!

Today is December 1st. How the hell is it already December? I feel like we just celebrated Hannah's birthday, so where did November go? Now while I love December and Christmastime, I don't think I am fully ready for it to be that time of the year.

I just keep crossing off the days till our little mans arrival and there really aren't that many days left to cross off. He will get his eviction notice for about 9 weeks (and hopefully not sooner!) from now. AH! And no matter how hard I wish for time to slow down, it doesn't seem to want to listen. So instead of bitching, I will just enjoy our last Christmas as a 3-some—which is crazy in it's self!

Speaking of last Christmas as a 3-some...I hope that this Christmas, Hannah really enjoys herself! She if finally old enough to understand opening presents and she really gets that look of excitement when she opens something that she likes. It melts my heart to see her face light up like that so I can't wait until Christmas morning.

Plus, I can't wait to go cut down a tree this weekend (hopefully) and have her help me decorate. My sister and myself aways helped my mom put ornaments up (well, until we were old enough to complain and not really appreciate it) so I can't wait to start that tradition with Hannah. I know the day will come where she no longer wants to help me, so I will treasure these moments of excitement while they last! :o)

In and around the holiday festivities, we are still tackling our basement. I have been a real slacker when it comes to updating about it but we are definitely moving right along. This weekend we should be able to paint! YAY! You don't know how excited I am that we are able to paint. The next step after that is flooring, which we need to pick out; and then we can start moving our office stuff into our rooms. Hopefully before that though I can also get Colson's room painted. :o/

My mom ordered Colson's crib the other day so it should be coming in the mail sometime in the next week. If the moving little man inside my belly isn't sign enough that he will be coming soon, setting up the crib will definitely make it more real! So we've got two room transformations in our future! Hannah's changing table and the glider will be moved from Hannah's room, into Colson's room. This will make Hannah's room feel so big! :o) She'll actually have some room to put some of her they're not in the living room!  YAY! Then Colson's room will actually turn into his nursery. I really can't wait to see it all come together.

Plus that means I really want to attempt potty training Hannah so we can get her out of diapers. While I was really set on her being potty trained by the time Colson comes, I'm not going to push her. If she's not ready, she's not ready. She knows everything to do and she'll sit on the potty...she just doesn't actually go 'potty' while she's sitting there. So I think we have a couple more months??? I don't know...I've never done this before. Oh and along with potty training, I was hoping to convert her crib into a day bed (aka. big girl bed). Am I nuts for trying to accomplish this all before Colson arrives??? I think I might be! :o/

So things are busy busy busy around here and only getting busier...hence why I wish time would slow down! Ah well. As Nick's grandma would say: Shit in one hand, want in another and see which one fills up faster!  :oP He he!

I guess I'm off to put our Christmas decorations up...and probably start a fire. Whatever I decide to do, it's going to be inside...I'm going to avoid going out in the snow!

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  1. Haha! My hubby always says that exact same saying! I just roll my eyes at him.

    I would turn her bed into a day bed now if you're going to do it. That way she has some transition time before Colson arrives. We moved B into a twin bed about 2 months ago and he has done really well with it.

    As for potty training, you can try and if she isn't ready, wait a couple of months and try again. It will all come together, promise! :)

  2. I agree with Courtney!

    My whole plan was to have addi potty trained by the time she turned 2. She's showing some interest but not all the time. If she's not there by the time she's 2 1/2 then Im going to push it. I don't want a 3 yr old in diapers still but that's just me!


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