Snoopy Magnets

Hannah has a new love for everything Snoopy. It started when she saw the Halloween Charlie Brown cartoon and has grown to every possible Snoopy cartoon or toy or book that she sees. She will even get super excited when she hears the Peanuts Christmas song on the radio.

So when we went to Michaels the other week, she of course spotted these Snoopy magnets that you paint. I had to get them even though I knew that she would not be able to truly paint them...only slather colors all over them. :oP But it reminded me of a Christmas ornament that I made for my mom when I was little. It was the same clay type figure but it was an ornament of Santa's face. I added so many colors that by the time I was finished with it, his face was pretty much black. My mom still hangs that ornament on the tree every year so I knew that if I got these for Hannah to paint and give to her grandmas, that they would be something that they cheerish. :o)

So, I got the paint ready, rolled up her sleeves and she went to town!

And here are the finished magnets. One for mommy, and one for the two grandmas.

Aren't they just beautiful!? I have mine proudly displayed on our refrigerator. :o)

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