Christmas Tree

Well, we managed to get our Christmas tree on Saturday. It didn't snow as much as they said it would so we only got maybe 2 inches of snow.

So, we put on our boots and bundled up to go out and look for the perfect Christmas tree! :o)

As soon as we got to the field of trees, Hannah starting running through them. I was afraid she might not like the snow again...last year didn't go so well when we introduced her to snow. But this year, the kid was all about the snow. She would run through it and then turn around and say "Look, snow!".  :oP

Hannah was loving ALL of the trees so finally mommy and daddy took it upon themselves to pick out THE tree.

We tried to get Hannah to do the picking but we just couldn't keep her still long enough to pick just one. Hannah was actually too busy running through the trees with grandma and papa that we didn't even get a family pick in front of the tree before we cut it down.

But it's a cute little tree and I can't wait to get it in the stand and have Hannah help me decorate it! :o)

I will leave you with a decent family photo. I say decent because I think I look like a big giant snowman in my white coat. I'm sure that had to have been a site..."Oh, here comes the big giant waddling snowman through the field of trees!" but at least we are all looking at the camera for this picture, so I guess I'll take it. :o)

When I get the video of Hannah running through the trees finally uploaded, I will post it here. Our lightening fast satellite internet just takes forever to upload large files and I'm too impatient to wait for it right now.

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  1. Oh stop look great. You also have a growing baby! And I have you beat anyways....I already look 4/5 months. :oP
    And Hannah looks so grown up can tell she is on a mission.

  2. Oh, I complain but it's all so worth it in the end. I'm just having a little rougher go at it this time around. My body is not being nice to me.
    But you must admit...I did kind of look like a big giant snowman in that coat...

  3. Well just a few more months. I already told Erin I'd say yes in an instant to a second child if he could have it. :oP
    And I agree its hard to stay positive if your miserable. Even though you really want to be.


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