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Well, the plan tomorrow is to go cut down our Christmas tree.

Last year we went to this wonderful place: Henslers Nursery. It was beautiful!

We took a horse drawn carriage ride out to the field of trees and we cut down the most perfect little tree.

We plan on going to the same place tomorrow, but sadly, our plans might be interrupted by a little bit of snow. We are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory and they are saying we could get anywhere from 3-6+ inches of snow between midnight tonight and midnight Saturday.  :o(

Now, these weather people change their mind every hour on what is going on with the weather. So, I only hope that they are either wrong this time, or the snow holds off until tomorrow night. But watch, this will be the one time they are correct in their prediction. :o(

Tomorrow is really the only day we are able to go cut down our tree. Sunday is supposed to be cold with all of this snow on the ground so I don't see the point on bundling everyone up if we're just going to be so completely uncomfortable and miserable. And then next weekend we have my mom's Christmas party.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I really want to go cut down our tree tomorrow. Hannah is old enough now to understand picking out a tree so I am really excited for her to help us pick the perfect one for our living room. If we're not able to go, I'm sure my pregnancy hormones will kick in and there will be a slight tear fest in my disappointment. :o(


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  1. That place looks gorgeous! I hope the weatherpeople are wrong this time and you have good tree-hunting conditions. Enjoy!


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