30 Weeks!

How far along? 30 weeks

Weight gain/loss: +25 pounds. We'll see how much I gained over Thanksgiving tomorrow at my doctor's appointment. :o/

Maternity clothes? Yeppers. Although I am buying some non-maternity tops that are longer so I can wear them after Colson comes.

Stretch marks? None yet!

Sleep? I'm going to cut my legs off...maybe then I will be able to sleep.

Best moment this week? We got our Christmas tree and Hannah had a blast running through the snow.  Colson's crib also arrived in the mail. I can' wait until we are able to start getting his room together. Hopefully soon!

Food cravings: I'm still wanting sushi! I think I might drag my sister out to get sushi this Sunday while she is in town. :o)

Gender: Boy! Colson David. :o)

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? All the time. 

What I miss? My body being my own. But I love feeling little man move in my tummy. It is the most awesome feeling so that far outweighs any of the things that I tend to complain about.

What I'm looking forward to: My mom's Christmas for her side is this Saturday. Plus we should be painting the offices...or at least I hope we are. Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is running out to get all of this stuff done.

Milestones: I am 30 weeks today. To me that is just crazy. This pregnancy has really flown by and it blows my mind that Colson will be here in 8-9 weeks. 

Colson is getting bigger every day, weighing in at over three pounds now (he’ll be packing on the weight at a rate of half a pound per week for the next seven weeks).

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