Tonight starts a 4 day Thanksgiving bonanza in which we make our rounds to the many different family festivities.

Tonight is dinner with Nick's parents.
Tomorrow is dinner with my parents.
Saturday is dinner with my mom's side.
Sunday is dinner with my dad's side.

And while, yes, that is a lot of different places to go for Thanksgiving...I look forward to it every year. It is something I have aways done and for me it is part of the holiday season. Nick, unfortunately has been dragged into the craziness that is going to many places for the holiday. I can understand why he dislikes it...sometimes its just nice to sit and enjoy being home, but I enjoy seeing all of my family during the holidays. My mom and dad both have larger families so we have always had separate dinners/get-togethers. So yes, that eats up multiple days. For me, it would be weird to just sit at home and not be with my extended family. It's just what I've always known so I guess it's not that crazy to me.

I know I will enjoy my many Thanksgivings this year! And I have so much to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that I still have my family to go be with during the holidays. I'm thankful for our health because that means we are able to see said family for the holidays. I'm thankful for the love and support we receive from our family. I'm thankful that I have my own little (growing) family to share these holidays with and I only hope that our traditions are ones that our children will want to continue when they are older. And I'm thankful for our own house to come home to after we visit with our family. :o)

So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. And if it's a busy one, with lots of traveling, just remember...that means you still have lots of family and loved ones around to celebrate with! Be thankful! :o)

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  1. What you say refering to all the family visits, that's the same with Angelo and I... he doesn't know that and therefore isn't too keen on that, which is totally different from what I know and love! :o(


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