Potato Head Fun

Ever since we got Hannah and Mrs Potato head for her birthday, she has been totally obsessed. She has been so obsessed that her Auntie Mandi and Uncie Travis got her a Mr. Potato head for Halloween.
(FYI- The Mr. is so much better than the Mrs. Potato head!)

Well, today I thought I would take some pictures of our potato head fun. :o)

Here are a few of mine:

And here are Hannah's:

I helped her a bit, but she is obsessed with the eyes. (if you couldn't tell by the above potato heads :oP) I have a hard time getting her to pick out a mouth and a nose for the potato.

Honestly, most of her Potato Heads just creep me out!  :oP

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  1. Hahaha well three sets of eyes doesn't look as goofy as the 5 armed one she made halloween night!

  2. That's too funny!


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