Stocking Hat

One of the first things I bought for baby #2 was a pattern to make a stocking hat. I knew I wanted a cute hat to use for newborn photos. I bought the pdf pattern back before we even knew the gender of this baby but I didn't want to make the hat until I could make it specifically for a boy or a girl.

Well, last week I got around to buying some yarn for the hat. I picked three different colors: white, light blue and a darker gray/blue.

I love how it came out! :o)

Once I finished Colson's hat, Hannah was fascinated with it. She would ask for 'brother's hat' and she kept trying to put it on her head. It was obviously a bit too small for her. :oP So I asked her if she wanted me to make her a hat just like her brother's. Her answer was 'uh-huh'. :o)

So today we headed out to the store to find some yarn for Hannah's very own stocking hat. Again, I went with three colors: white, a dusty pink and a raspberry pink.

Once Colson arrives, hopefully I can manage to get a decent photo of the two of them together wearing their hats. I would have taken a decent photo (better than my camera phone photo) of Hannah wearing her hat but she needed to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow! :o)

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  1. Looks great! You finished Hannahs hat quickly@

  2. Yeah it only took me maybe 4 hours yesterday. I mostly worked on it during Hannah's nap and then finished it last night. Nick want me to make one for me and him now. :oP


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