Your Three Words

Most of the basement has been framed out...but the offices are completely done.

My office:

Nick's office:

We've got the electric run in both rooms but we still have to run cable. Once we have that done, we can go ahead and drywall.

I'm hoping *hoping* that by Thanksgiving the drywall will be up and ready to paint. Then we can get the flooring in and we can start moving stuff out of the current office so I can get the nursery painted and the furniture up. *cue mini freak out*

We're slowly running out of time and I'm really trying to not freak out but it's getting pretty hard to avoid the mini panic attacks. There is just so much that needs to get done.  :o/

But, we've come a long way and it will eventually get there. I just hope that 'eventually' is more sooner than later. :o)


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  1. Don't freak out! Even if it's not completely done by the time he gets here, will he stay with you in your bedroom for a while? That might give you a bit of time to get it all finished. Trust me, he'll have no clue if his room isn't ready. :)

    When I was pregnant with B, for some reason I was hellbent on our bathroom being painted before he got here. Why? Cause he really cared or was going to shower in it anytime soon? Who knows with those pregnancy hormones! :)

  2. Wow, it's looking great!!! Thanks for playing mama :)


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