Here are just some random photos from the other day of Hannah playing.

I can't believe today is Wednesday. Didn't this week just start? Ugh.

Today is going to be a 'tackle my to-do list' day. 

I've got laundry to do (Nick's mom bought us fleece sheets and I can't wait to wash them and get them on the bed!).
I have to iron a butt-load of Nick's shirts. 
I also have to address Hannah's birthday thank you's so I can get those mailed out. 
I might even head into the basement and try to organize some of the baby stuff that we'll be needing (ie. bottle, onsies, etc.) and get some other things moved into the actual 'storage' part of our new basement. 

Oh, and I will take a few photos of the progress of our basement...we're moving right along! :o) The walls are framed for our offices and the electric is run through the walls. We're getting super close to drywall (this weekend we might be able to start...maybe? A pregnant girls who isn't getting any less pregnant can hope! Right!?)...and then paint! :o)

Okay, I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. It is cold here...Nick had to scrap frost off of the car before I think a fire in the fireplace will also be on the to-do list today! You have to have one enjoyable thing on your to-do list! :o) 

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  1. sounds like a fun day! I'm excited to see how you design little man's room.

  2. If only I was able to start Colson's room...then I'd be good. Hopefully soon! I'm currently trying to decide on a paint color! :o)


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