Toys Galore!

Oh how I wish  1. we had a play room for Hannah or 2. our basement was finished or at the very least had carpet.

Our living room has been taken over by Hannah's toys!  AH!  But she is having a blast playing with them so I guess it's okay... for the time being.  Once christmas comes though we might have to reconsider.  :o/



  1. I'll share a little mommy trick here. Pack up 1/2 the toys and put them away. Then switch the "old" toys with the "new" toys in a couple of months and she will think she hit the lottery! It helps keep things exciting and new, saves you money on not having to buy new toys, and it helps keep the toys from taking over your house. :)

  2. yeah, we kind of do that now. we keep some toys in the toy box and then we'll switch them out for others. but we haven't done that with any of her big toys yet.


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