I need to get my hair cut and I have been debating on a new 'style'.  

My hair is naturally curly and I used to wear it curly all the time, but ever since Hannah's was born my hair has lost a lot of it's curl so I have been straightening it. Also when Hannah was born it was shorter... just below my shoulders.  I have been growing it out though so now it is pretty long.

I currently just straighten my hair and kind of curl the ends so it has some movement. I like the way it looks and I like it longer but I'm a little bored with it.

I'm not sure what style I want.  :o/ Longer bangs? no bangs? lots of layers? no layers?

Maybe I  just haven't found the haircut that speaks to me??? :oP

Do you guys have any photos of styles you like or that you have had? I think I just need some ideas...

And,  I guess if I can't find a new style I can always just fall back on a trim.  Right!?



  1. I have the same hair cut speaks to me....I have been liking layers though, since I've been growing my hair out.
    I think long side bangs would look cute on you. I'll look around for pictures. :)

  2. im in the same boat. I want someone to just do something with my hair. kind of like a "shut up, don't look, this wil be cute" thing. I want to color it but don't know what color, cut it but don't know how. So I always fall back on trims. OH OH wait, I did get long layers last time. So risque!

  3. I know! I just want to fly out to New Your City and walk into a super nice salon and tell them to work their magic! :oP


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