Time Change

Great for adults because we can get an extra hour of sleep, maybe not so great for little ones.

Although, luckily Hannah did okay with the time change.  She is like her father in the sleeping department, so should I have expected anything less? She woke up at the same time she usually does (so she got her extra hour of sleep). It was just her meal time that was thrown off a little bit.

But now it is dark when Nick gets home from work.  It kind of makes for such a bummer time of the year. It feels like 8 o'clock when it is really only 6. It just kind of messes up your body clock.  Blah!

I took this photo of the sun setting yesterday.  It was about 5:15 and Nick was not home from work. :o(

But I told Nick... we have the time change so we can enjoy the christmas lights a little longer each day.  :o) Of course he just rolled his eyes at me. :oP


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  1. Yes, our child/animal is not adjusting to the new time....she is now trying to get us up at 3:30. ugh

    Also, I saw these and they are cute


    Not sure on prices....and Hannah has awhile until she would need one.


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