Happy Thanksgiving! (a day late)

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving. I know I did! It was my first time hosting thanksgiving dinner and it was the first time both sides of our families were together for thanksgiving.  Everything went really smoothly.  I managed to get all of the food done at about the same time which is always a task when you have a big meal like thanksgiving. But everything was yummy (I think I ate too much) and hopefully this was the first of many thanksgivings with our two families together.

I'm so thankgful for my wonderful family, husband, daughter and friends. You all bless my life everyday and I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for all of you.

I did take a few photos yesterday but I don't want to upload them to my husband's computer. Long story short, our power went out thanksgiving morning and it zapped my computer. I am unable to turn it on now. So right now I am using my husbands PC and I hate PCs. But I wanted to do a post to update you all. I'm hoping my computer can get fixed by Monday but who knows. :o/ And I was hoping to be able to go all of November with posting everyday but yesterday I was not able to post because of my computer drama. Ugh! But I have posted twice in one day on more than one occassion so maybe that cancels out my one day of not being able to post. ???? Maybe??? Hopefully I can post the rest of November...

Today is a day of clean up.  I'm still tackling dishes, but I managed to get the tables down so our kitchen is almost back to normal. This weekend I want to start decorating for christmas. :o) We're getting our tree on the 5th so I should be able to get everything else done before that. Our lights are already up though so you can bet that those will be turned on tonight! :o)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the leftovers!

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