Yeah, I bought this today:

What should I make? What should I make?



  1. Those ornaments....your halfway there! You have the balloons and glitter. How much was that glitter pack anyways? I didn't find any good glitter packs at Joann's and I though what they had was expensive...

    You have to make the ornaments now because I'm not. :o)

  2. OR, and this is a GREAT idea....make those candles...maybe one or two as my Christmas gift. :-P
    That would be fun...for both of us. :o)

  3. the 24 pack was $29.99 at Michael's but it was on sale for $20.99. I went in with a %50 off coupon but since it was already on sale, I couldn't use the coupon. :o(

    I'll have to look at what else I need for those ornaments. I was thinking about doing candles!

    If you lived closer we could have a glitter party... :oP

  4. That price is actually good. I was finding 5 packs for $7. And the colors were no fun.
    A glitter party would be awesome! :o)


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