Hosting Thanksgiving

This year Nick and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  While we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my mom's side and my dad's side this weekend, on actual Thanksgiving day I will be making dinner and having the immediate family from both sides over to celebrate.

I love to plan/throw a party so I am really excited about hosting Thanksgiving! I am trying to get the menu figured out, which I will share in a separate post tomorrow. The moms are helping me make a few things so that is nice...I just have to figure who is going to make what.

But in the mean time I have also been trying to figure out how to set the table.  I was really kind of bummed because I didn't have enough 'nice' dinner plates to set for the 16 or so people we are having over. I was going to have to use the oh so super plastic plates...which is's just that I have always wanted the matching dishes that I could set out to make the table look nice, etc., etc., etc. Yeah, I'm weird, I guess.  But yesterday Nick's mom surprised me with matching cream dinner plates and salad plates for  20 place settings! So now I will have the dishes to be able to have the table all set up! I am so excited! Plus she got me two matching serving bowls, a serving platter and a gravy boat.  Eeeeee!

As far as centerpieces and place cards go, I was trying to find some cheaper options. I found these on

Easy tissue paper candle holders
Glowing Hurricane Glasses

acorn napkin ring -I would add a place card to it. I'm just not sure if I will be able to find enough acorns...
Harvest Napkin Ties

mini pumpkin candle centerpieces
Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

leaf place cards
Leaf Place Cards

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting or are you traveling and making the rounds to other family members houses?



  1. um.....I'm traveling and making dessert for the dinner. We are also having a craft. :o) My aunt and I are going to make wreaths. I'm soooo excited. She is going to get the supplies and we are going to craft after dinner.
    I did host one year. It was fun. And place settings is great!! 20 is perfect. (pictures)
    Now you just need a bigger table. :o)


    This is cute napkin fold. Got it in an email today and thought of your thanksgiving. :)


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