Things I Love

And now for the 20 things that I love!  :o)

1.  That I have a husband who loves me for me! He is my love, my partner, my soul-mate.  

2.  My little butterfly.  Words will never be able to express the love I have for my daughter.  

3.  The fact that our families live so close and that we don't have to plan trips to go visit them.

4.  My friends.  I don't have very many but the few that I do have, I consider family.  

5.  When both of my dachsies curl up on my lap and go to sleep.

6.  When the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves start to grow on the trees. It's new life!

7.  Being able to stay home with my little girl... to watch her achieve all of her milestones.

8.  When I am greeted by a little tiny smile every morning.

9.  Ice cream.  There is nothing better!

10.  Fall: the smell of leaves and the cool crisp air.

11.  When those little arms reach for me because she wants to be picked up.  

12.  The fact that we were able to sell the first house we built only to build a bigger and better house.

13. Curling up on our oh so comfy new couches to watch a movie.

14.  Coca-Cola.  I have to have at least one a day.

15.  My MAC.  I will NEVER go back to working on a PC...EVER!

16.  When the sun is shining but it is also raining. All of the plants glisten!

17.  That I was the 2nd person in my whole extended family to graduate from college.

18.  That I have the BEST photography subject ever... my little girl. She is growing so fast... every photo that I take reveals her ever growing personality.

19.  When my husband offers to give me a massage.

20.  My king bed, even though our dogs manage to hog most of it. But when they don't sleep with us, the bed feels empty.

What are twenty things that YOU love?


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  1. That's great! Great minds think alike! I was totally thinking about doing a 20 things I love....


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