Photos... Finally!

I know I have not been able to post photos lately... so I decided to upload some photos at my parents so could blog them! :oP

Its not much, but I hope this tides you over! Our 'real' internet is being installed Friday so things will return to normal after that! YAY!

In the meantime, ENJOY!

My daughter no longer likes to stay on her blanket while she plays...

apparently she thinks its funny!

And apparently she no longer wants to stay on her blanket while she sleeps either!



  1. that last picture is just too funny!! I love it when they fall asleep in the weirdest spots, but heaven forbid you should "try" and get them to sleep. Then they are up forever!!! lol

  2. I stepped out of the room for a minute and that is what I can back too. I laughed out loud I thought it was so cute! My days are numbered on being able to leave the room with her on the floor...


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