Things I Hate

A fellow blogger made a post about the 20 things that she hates... so I thought I would do the same! :o)

Here we go!

1. People who do not know where they are going and insist on slowing down at every road they come upon to see if it is the road they need to turn at.

2. The contestants who find it neccessary to scream the letters to Pat on Wheel of Fortune.

3. When my dog STILL pees on the carpet.

4. People who think that it is okay to make fun of other people behind their back like they're never going to find out you're doing it.

5. People who mow their grass so that the grass clippings spray out into the road, resulting in me having to drive through it and getting it all over my car.

6. The cheap plastic table clothes at those 'trying to be fancy' restaurants... but they're not fancy because those table clothes have holes in them and it just makes the restaurant look like crap!

7. Not having the money to get the business I want to start off the ground.

8. Going to a store only to find tons of things that I want, but no money to get them.

9. Going to the post office because the people who work there have no concept of speed!

10. When the news finds it neccessary to cover a story for MONTHS even though no one really gives a shit.

11. People who just laugh at something that they think sucks or is stupid, instead of maybe giving constructive criticism to help that person.

12. Humidity and my naturally curly hair. NOT a good combination.

13. Those stupid blue tinted headlights.

14. The price of gas.

15. Those infommercials where they scream at you to buy their product.

16. When people taste test something and before the food even lands on their tongue they are raving about how good it is. Can you maybe chew the food first before you comment on it!?

17. Making a doctors appointment for 11:00 and getting there at 11:00 only to sit for another hour + before you are actually seen.

18. When my dogs bark at EVERY SINGLE MOVING OBJECT they see out our the back sliding doors. SHUT UP already!

19. When one light bulb goes out and the rest of the bulbs in your house seem to all go out within a week... so then you have to replace like 20 light bulbs over the course of 7 days. Why can't they all converse with one another and go out on the same day?

20. People who talk about things before they know all of the facts.

What are twenty things that you hate???



  1. hmmm, that's a lot to hate. :o) I'm gonna try it too...I'm really hateful though. :oP

  2. its more things that annoy me than things that I hate... :oP


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