6 month stats

Here are Hannah's 6 month stats:

weight: 17.9 lbs (80 percentile)
length: 26.5 inches (75 percentile)
head: 42 cms (40th percentile)

We have also started baby food.

Here are the outcomes so far:

squash - loves it!
peas - loves it!
green beans - our next adventure :oP

If she likes all of these, we'll probably move onto fruits. And then I'll give her both.

I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to giving her baby food. I have been told and have read so many different things...

Here is Hannah's current feeding schedule:

BREAKFAST (usually around 11:00) - vegetable and rice cereal. If she's still hungry I give her the remaining bottle from making her rice cereal.
LUNCH (usually around 4:00 or 5:00)- bottle
DINNER (usually around 9:00) - vegetable and rice cereal, then her remaining bottle.

It seems to be working for right now. Hannah will sleep anywhere from 7 to 10 hours at night so that has been wonderful.

However, I do see this schedule moving a bit because if you didn't notice; her breakfast, lunch and dinner are not during our breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are kind of a meal behind, time-wise. I will eventually probably give her her breakfast when she wakes up around 6:00 or 7:00. I will give her her bottle for lunch at 11:00 and then a vegetable and bottle for dinner at 5:00. Then before bed I will give her her rice cereal and a bottle.

I'm not sure when I will move to this schedule. Hannah seems to be doing well so I would hate to change things now and ruin the schedule we have gotten into. But I'm sure it will happen evertually.

I have some photos of Hannah's first squash, but I will have to post them later. Sorry! We will be getting 'real' internet very soon! Its a must get due to my work situation! So hang in there. I know I keep saying that but I mean it this time. By next week we will have REAL reliable and working internet! :o)



  1. Wow, almost 18lbs!! I think she might have B beat by a little. :) I love chunky babies, they are so adorable!

    I'm sure you have been told so many different things about feeding, but just remember to do what works for you and for her. If the routine you have her on now works, then just leave it. :)

  2. yeah, she's our little little porker. :oP
    But I'm sure it will all even out in the next few months when she starts to crawl everywhere. She'll actually start to burn those calories! :oP


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