Mall Outing

While Sara was here we had to hit up the Lighthouse Outlet Mall.  

It was Hannah's first trip so I had to make sure I kept her spending in check!

Okay, yeah who am I kidding!? She was asleep before we even made it into the first store.

But she did perk up when we went into Old Navy!

I could have done so much damage at the mall, but I was disciplined. Nick's wallet thanked me later! :oP

(photos taken by Sara.  Thanks Sara!)



  1. looks like she had fun! :)

    I can't believe you can still lug her around in her carseat! I gave up on trying to carry B around, it messed up my wrist. Its does give you great arm muscles though :)

  2. yeah, the carseat is not going to last too much longer. She's getting pretty heavy in it!

    But I think the main reason I still use it is because I can see her when I am pushing her in the stroller. Once I get rid of the carseat I will no longer be able to see her... :o/


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