Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone has a fabulous 3 day weekend!  I know I will!  

My husband actually has Monday off. His job made him take mandatory PTO days for Monday and July 3rd.

We've got the party today. They're calling for a chance of a few thunderstorms but hopefully they go around us.  I still have some stuff to do to get ready but for the most part we are ready to rock!

Our out-of-town guests should be arriving in the next few hours.  :o)  I'm so excited! It has been way too long since we've seen them!

Sunday I will be taking engagement photos of two of those out of town guests: my bestest friend, Sara and her Fiancé, Erin.  It has been a long time since I have done a photo shoot...the last wedding I photographed was, oh, 3 years ago.  But I am excited and I know once I get out there and start shooting, everything will just fall into place!  Maybe I will even post a few on here as a sneak preview!  :oP

Well, I must run! T-minus 7 hours until the party starts!  :o)

Enjoy your extra long weekend!


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