Baby/Pet Gate

I have been looking for a decent baby/pet gate for the opening from our living room into the kitchen.  The space is extra wide which has been causing problems when trying to find a gate that will fit for not a ton of money. Plus we wanted it to have a swing door and we didn't want it to mount to the wall.

Well, I think Babies R Us just started carrying this gate and I think it is perfect for what we need. I have looked at Babies R us before and I don't remember seeing this gate, but the last time I went I saw this one.

Extra Wide Walk Through Metal Gate - Regalo  - Babies"R"UsExtra Wide Walk Through Metal Gate - Regalo  - Babies"R"Us
I have a 15% off all gates good through the 28th, so I think we are going to go get it.  :o)


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  1. We have one like that at the top of the stairs. I like it b/c most adults can't even figure out how to open it. But it doesn't mount to the wall either and it feels very sturdy. Trust me, my 2yo has definitely tested that out for me :)


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