Living Room and Master

Its been a while since I have given an update on our house... so here are some pics of our finished living room (with our new couches) and our pretty much finished master.  I still have to make the headboard in the master and get photos in the frames (90% of those frames do not have the photos that I want in them). But I thought I would post some pics.

Our next adventure is building our deck and finishing our hardscaping and landscaping in the front yard.  Once those are finished I will be sure to post pics.    :o)



  1. Ohhh I love it!!! What color is that in your living room? And the couches look great! Its looks like Hannah is really enjoying her new home :)

  2. I see my dog toy by Emma! Greatest investment EVER!! :o) And you guys just make fun of it... :oP

  3. Courtney, we got the paint at Menards. Its Pittsburg Paits-Grand Distinction. Color-Smooth Slate N08.

    I absolutely LOVE the color. It is my favorite color in the house!

    Sara, the toy is finally starting to show its age. :o( its cracking and doesn't really squeak anymore. I'm actually kind of sad.


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