I Will Always Remember

I remember exactly where I was when I heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center.

I was a sophomore in college and I had a 9am aerobics class. I got to class a bit early that morning and heard people talking about a plane that seemed to have crashed into one of the Twin Towers. At that time everyone thought it was just a small passenger plane that probably lost control. We had class and afterward I hurried back to my dorm. I turned on the television to see one of the most horrific things I had ever seen. By the time I got home, both of the towers had been attacked and were burning. I really didn't know what to think as I sat there watching the replay of the second plane flying into the tower. It was so surreal. And then...I watched as the first tower fell. I remember clearly saying out load 'Oh. my. God.' I just sat there. I didn't know what else to do.

I spent the better part of the day talking to my mom on the phone. I didn't go to any other classes that day. I was glued to my television.

I had never been to New York prior to September 11, 2001. But in October of 2006,  Nick and I visited the wonderful city. While there, I wanted to visit the site...if 'visit' is even the right word. A part of me felt weird going there. It's not a tourist attraction. I almost felt like I was intruding, being nosey. But we walked by the site.

We spent maybe a total of 10 minutes there. I couldn't even wrap my head around the extreme chaos of that day or the fact that two large buildings once stood where we were. Ground zero was so much larger than I had ever pictured in my mind. Seeing things on the news did not even compare to seeing it in real life.

I only snapped 4 photos while I was there. I just didn't feel right taking photos.
And then this is a shot, from our helicopter, of the skyline. 

I will always remember! And one day I will tell my children of that day and where I was. I only hope that they never have to experience or witness someone's extreme hate, like America did that day.

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