Birthday Party DIY's

I have been on birthday party overdrive ever since I decided to have the theme of Hannah's 3rd birthday be a tea party.

I have been crafting away making decorations, etc. so I though I would post a few pics of what I have been working on.

On the invitations we are asking everyone to wear their favorite cocktail hat or fascinator. It will be fun to have everyone dress up a bit! But I figure not everyone will have a hat or fascinator so I wanted to make some fun feather headbands for those who need one. Plus, we are going to have feather boas and necklaces for the girls, and fake mustaches for the guys.
I made two tissue paper 3's—one for the front door and one for the kitchen. This photo doesn't really show just how big they are but they are 18 inches tall. I used old diaper boxes for the '3' shape and then I glued 2x2 inch pieces of tissue on them. It took FOREVER to finish these. I started the first one back in August and I just finished the second one a few days ago. I 1. should have made them a bit smaller and 2. maybe not have made them so full. But I love them. I'm kind of sad I won't be able to use them again. :o(
Then I made tons of paper hearts and paper chains to hang up along side some crepe paper.
I am currently working on the menu. I think I have it about 95% figured out and finalized. I am making all finger foods so my next DIY project is to make display tiers for everything. I'm doing tea sandwiches, little skewers of things, lemon bars, mini cheesecakes, mini shakes...tons of cute things that I can't wait to share with you (this coming week, hopefully)! But for everything I make, I need some way to display them and the only way I am going to have enough space is to go display tiers it is! I'm not going to go crazy but I think I am just going to use cardboard boxes for the stands and those cardboard cake boars as the 'plate'. I am going to make/cover everything in white so it will all have a nice uniformed look. I have a picture in my head of what I want it to look like so hopefully I will be able create it!

I have 1 month to get everything in order. AH! That month is going to fly by!

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