A Family Picture

Whether we're trying to have picture taken by someone else or I am taking the picture using a remote, it is always a challenge to get a decent shot. When you have two kids, it's not always so easy to get a family picture where everyone is looking at the camera, smiling, and not throwing a fit or being a diva.

Now my husband might argue that I am the diva in most cases...but in this instance, I am referring to our almost 3, clearly going on 13 year old.

And while I could (and probably will) do a separate post on little Miss Hannah's diva-ness and new found independence, I will just leave this post to some family picture outtakes. :o)

Sadly, we didn't get a photo where all of us cooperated. :o/ I hope we have better luck during our family pictures in October. Amy has her work cut out for her! I hope she is up for the challenge! :oP

Growing Up Gardner

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  1. Hahahaha! That is SO my family!!!This is the best post. The last picture is pretty cute!


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