Crawling— It Won't Be Long!

As I posted in Colson's 7 Month Update, Colson has started to periodically get up on all 4's. It won't last long but he'll pull he knees forward and get his belly off the ground. Hannah never did this (she only army crawled) so I'm excited to see Colson figure out how to crawl. Although, that means my life will become more crazy--with two mobile kiddos. Ah! But for time time being, he still only really moves backwards. :oP

And just a few more photos of our little man.

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  1. Look how determined he is!! This is too cute! My little one can't even sit up yet, but loves being a little inch worm when you put him down! It's something similar to the army crawl haha

    Have a great weekend momma!


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