Wish List Wednesday

Because there are always those things we want....

I would love 1 or 2 forsythia plants. Not really sure where I would plant them but I think the yellow flowers they have in the spring are just beautiful!

I would also love a video camera that records to a hard drive.

And lastly, I would really love a new car, a 'mom mobile' if you will! Not sure what kind, but definitely an SUV or a crossover. I'm thinking maybe a Nissan Murano.

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  1. Hey there!
    Just found your blog :)
    I would love a new mom-mobile! Nissan Murano's are cute, I've also been eying the Honda Pilot.

  2. Erin want's a mom car too. :oP Well he wants an SUV....he envisions lots of hockey carpools. I like 'my' Jetta just fine. :o)

  3. When my lease is up next year I'm getting either the Murano or the Rouge. My dad has the Murano and it is super nice! and i reccommend going to the Nissan dealer on hwy 20 if that's what your going to go with. They are super nice and not pushy at all. That's where I got my Altima from.

  4. Hilary, I hope to have one someday but unfortunately Nick's van is still running! Even after a tree fell on it the beast is still rocking. It just won't die! But hopefully we'll be able to get a new car before a second kid comes along and we won't have to wait until we NEED a new car. I drive by that nissan dealership all the time...its there laughing at me, going ha ha you can't have me. Its very cruel! :oP

  5. we have that video camera and love it.


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