Play Kitchen

Our neighbors gave us their play kitchen and Hannah absolutely loves it! Nick and I were just talking the other day about how we should get one for Hannah so it was really awesome that our neighbors offered us their kitchen 3 days later. It is all that Hannah has been playing with since we set it up in the living room.

It's amazing how she can play make-believe and how she knows what to do with some of these things (ie. the microwave) when we've never shown her how to use them. She just picked up one of the play grapes, put it in the microwave, pressed the 'buttons' on the microwave, took the grapes out and then held the 'cooked' grapes up to our mouth so we could taste them. It was pretty freakin' cute!  :o)

She loved tasting all of the food! :oP 

She also loves cooking things on the stove...maybe because it makes noise...but she'll put a little pot up there and stir it with a spoon.

I love watching her play! It's a lot different from her baby play mat days of just laying on the floor looking at toys! She is getting so big!  *tear*


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  1. The boys love their kitchen too. The microwave seems to be the place to stash stuff you don't want anyone to "find."

    Also, even though you haven't shown her how to do some of the stuff, isn't it amazing how much she has absorbed just from watching you and Nick? These kids are little sponges I tell you! :)


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