A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday we packed ourselves into the car and headed to the Indianapolis Zoo. We met my bestie, Sara and her husband there. :o)

We had a lot of fun... although I think Hannah had the most fun! It was such a huge difference from 4 months ago when we last went. This time Hannah actually knew what the animals were. When we saw the ducks she would 'quack', when we saw the elephants she went 'braloooo' (yeah, its the sound effect in one of her books so we just went with it. I don't really get it but ah well.) She's pretty cute making the sound and she'll even raise her arm up like the elephants trunk! :oP

Hannah looking at the ostrich!

Hannah and mommy looking at the lion.


She is so stinkin' cute!

Hannah loved petting the goats. 

Family Pic.

We also stopped by the gardens. All of the tulips were in bloom and they looked beautiful!

The first thing you see when you walk into the gardens.

I thought this turtle was cute! :oP

Hannah and daddy looking at the tulips.

And a group shot of everyone.

Hannah was so good the entire trip and got by on only a 20 minute nap. You'd think she would have slept the whole car ride home, but NOPE! she was wide awake just looking out the window and talking up a storm. She is such an awesome kid!

It was a really fun day! And I'm so glad I was able to see my bestie. 6 months was too long but we're getting better. We'll see each other again in the beginning of July! :o)


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