18 Months

Yesterday my little girl turned 18 months old. How can she already be 1 and a half years old? It's crazy.

I thought I would do a little post to update you on what Hannah is doing, eating, saying, etc.

—walks and runs (and can even walk backwards)
—manages to go down two steps without plopping on her butt or falling
—can almost get onto the couch by herself...she can if she uses a pillow as a step stool
—knows how to eat using a spoon/fork although its not very pretty at times
—loves to put her shoes on all by herself...as well as my shoes, dada's shoes and papa's shoes
—can throw a ball overhand
—loves kicking balls around
—loves to 'talk' on the phone
—puts finger to her mouth and says 'shhhh' when we tell her someone is sleeping
—draws with crayons (kind of)
—can rock herself in a rocking chair
—can go up and down a slide but likes to go up more than down
—loves to pick flowers and smell them
—will 'read' a book
—loves to dance
—loves to ride on her choo-choo and her horsey
—helps mommy brush her teeth and hair
—plays make believe (feeds mommy and daddy invisible food)
—knows where her body parts are located
           —ears           —eyes                —nose
           —mouth        —tongue            —teeth
           —toes            —finger              —belly button
—knows different animals and the sounds they make
           —'ooo-ooo' for monkey           —'bralooo' for elephant
           —'moo' for cow                        —'neigh' for horse
           —'quack' for duck                    —'caw-caw' for parrot
—listens and responds to simple tasks/questions
           —will get a specific book when asked (ie. the cat book)                         
           —will give hugs and kisses
           —goes to bathroom when I say its time for a bath
           —goes to bedroom when its ni-night time
           —goes to bedroom when we ask if she went potty
           —will get her wubby when asked
           —will get her shoes when we says its time to go bye-bye
           —goes to back door when asked if she wants to go for a walk
           —will feed a toy when we tell her said toy is hungry

—pancakes               —waffles                  —french toast
—grapes                   —bananas                 —grapes
—cereal bars             —apples                    —oranges
—yogurt                   —oatmeal                  —raisin toast
—bagels                    —eggs                      —peaches
—chicken nuggets    —fish sticks              —sweet potato fries
—pb&j sandwiches   —grilled cheese       —hamburger
—pears                      —avocado                —carrots
—peas                       —cheese                   —crackers
—graham crackers     —animal crackers     —lunch meat
—mac and cheese      —pizza                     —pasta
—jello                        —mashed potato       —pickles
—olives                     —cucumber               —strawberries
—watermelon            —blue berries            —kiwi
—applesauce              —rice                        —raisins
—plus, she will eat the things that we make for ourselves

—mama                     —dada                       —papa
—dog                        —cat                           —dodger
—duck                       —quack                     —turtle
—purple                     —cow                        —moo
—hi                            —bye-bye                  —ni-night
—sock                        —shoe                       —coat
—more-more              —up                           —uh-oh
—buckle                     —more-more             —grape
—waffle                     —side(outside)           —bubble
—choo-choo               —cracker                   —cheese
—truck                        —poo-poo                 —diaper
—egg                          —ball                         —boo-boo
She's even pairing words together now:
—mama up (or dada)
—more-more cracker (or whatever she wants 'more-more' of)
—ni-night dada (or mama)
—bye-bye dada (or mama)

So, there is the list of things that I could think of right now. Some things she has been doing for quite some time (and I think I've even done a post like this before a long time ago) and other things she just started to do. From what I read on Baby Center, Hannah seems to be on track with her developmental skills, etc. so that's all I really care about.

We're currently working on teaching her colors, numbers and the alphabet. :o)


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