Our Next Big Project!

Other than the trees and our new fence, we have one more super huge project we are starting. It is by far the one I am most excited about but it is also the one that will take the most work.

We are finishing our basement!

Yesterday the studs were delivered for framing the walls so we can't turn back now...unless of course we want 100 studs to sit in our basement. :oP  I made a floor plan about a month ago so we would know how many we needed. The pink walls are the new walls we are putting up.

We will almost double our living space. We won't be finishing the bathroom or laundry room right now, but Nick and I will get our own office space (YAY!) and we'll have a play area/family room. We'll also be able to set our pool table back up which will be nice. This will clear up the current office space upstairs so we'll be able to use it as a future nursery. 

It will be so nice to have a 15 x 13 foot space to call my own. I've never had that before. As I'm sure Nick will love his own space— his 'no girls allowed' space!  :oP  It will also be nice to have the majority of Hannah toys down in the basement where she can play with what ever she wants and mommy and daddy won't have to look at the 'mess' in the upstairs living room.

Who knows when this will get finished. The ultimate goal is to have it finished a few months before our second child arrives (so I have time to set up the nursery) and since I'm not pregnant yet, that means we have at least 8 months to get it finished. :o) We'll work on it little by little. 

Is it bad that I am already thinking about paint colors??? Ha Ha!



  1. Love it!! Wish we had a basement.

    Buuuut....speaking of second child, does that mean you guys are trying now?! :)

  2. Goodness! Well, goodluck if you are! :)


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