Today is the first day of April *thanks for stating the obvious, Jen* and sadly I have no good april fools jokes to play on you. :o( Sure I could have come up with a couple but they would have been pretty lame. Plus, I think it's just kind of mean to have someone get excited about something (or maybe sad or mad) and then tell them that it was a joke. Talk about emotional highs and lows. It is such a beautiful day outside today, I don't think I want to do that to anyone. So, consider me nice! :o)

So I thought I would just write a random post today, if that is okay with you!? :o)

1.) I love the 70 degree weather we have been having. I wish we could have 70 degree weather all year. Nick and I came to the conclusion that if we wanted 70 degree temps all year, the only place that would come close is San Diego. Yes? No?

2.)  I hate my video camera. It is supposed to be a nice video camera but after what happened the other day, I am in a hate/ hate relationship with it.

Let me start at the beginning: October 25th, 2008 aka Hannah's birthday. We took the video camera to the hospital and took video of her at one day old. I was so excited to have video of my fresh newborn baby. Flash forward to christmas time. I was taking video at my mom's family christmas and all of a sudden the camera told me 'disk error'. WHAT!? Yeah, the disk corrupted, newborn video and all. I was so upset but over time I got over it. After all we did have photos.

Now we go to this past weekend. I was taking video of Hannah playing and all of a sudden 'disk error'. OMG! I am going to scream. Are you serious!? Sadly, it was serious. Video taken from January up until that weekend was corrupt. I got so mad I threw the dvd across the room. (I have bad anger management issues). So needless to say, the video camera is dead to me. I will no longer use it. I should not have to finalize a disk after every 15 minutes worth of video just to make sure the disk doesn't corrupt. I would have a gazillion little dvds everywhere. Not cool!

So, of course, I want a new camera. I just do not trust our other one. Now I have to convince Nick to let me get one. :o/ I want a point a shoot that records to hard drive or flash drive. Any recs?

3.) I want to make these for Easter:

I think I might run to the store today to get what I need. Don't they look fun? And what is up with it being Easter already? Time please slow down!

4.) There are two new houses going up across the street from us. I knew it would happen in time, but I was really hoping to be able to have this summer to nude sunbathe in the front yard. :o) *joking* Okay, maybe I'm joking, OR maybe I'm not...maybe that's why we got our fence for the backyard: nude backyard sunbathing!  :oP

Okay, we'll I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful weather we are having.  :o)



  1. Lots of people I know what to make those.....sadly they don't look good to me.....it's the chocolate. :oP I know, I know, I'm screwed up.

  2. let me be the first one to visit if you move to san diego ;o))

  3. Debbie LightfootApril 1, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    I have the receipt for the video camera, lets try and take it back.


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