Easter 2010

WOW! Today was a crazy day...a crazy good day though.

We made our rounds to everyone's house, enjoyed the beautiful weather (before it started raining right when we got home), and spent some quality time with family.

The easter bunny's first stop was our house, this morning. He left Hannah a few books, a few stuffed animals and some toys for our new sandbox (which he dropped off the day before courtesy of grandma and papa--I'll get pictures of it once we get sand for it).

Hannah loves this egg etch-a-sketch

Then we headed over to said grandma and papa's house for easter breakfast and some more easter goodies. Hannah got some outfits and some books, and one of her favorite things right now, bubbles! :o)

Hannah loves bubbles!

We managed to have enough time to come back home for a bit (because our house is pretty much next to that dump truck in the above pic) so Hannah could squeeze in a nap before we headed off to my parents house.

But by 1:00 we were at my parents house all dressed up and Hannah was enjoying what was left for her by the easter bunny. :o) She got a bubble mower, a cute stuffed caterpillar and a book.

bubble mower

love this caterpillar

Then we were on our way to my grandparents house where we had a late easter lunch and an egg hunt! Hannah had a blast doing the egg hunt...so much so that we took some of her already founds eggs and re-hid them when she wasn't looking so she would have more to find!  :oP

daddy helping

Hannah and Great Grandma

Needless to say, Hannah crashed on the way home! She managed to get an hour nap during the car ride!

And then when we got home the easter bunny had left some more toys on the front porch courtesy of papa and Karole! :o)

Easter Little People
they came in easter eggs. so cute!

What a great day! Hannah had so much fun! It's amazing how excited I can get over seeing how excited Hannah gets! It's one of the best things ever!

It's time for me to go relax on the couch now though! I'm exhausted!


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