Toddle Along Tuesday—Parties

I love planning a good party.

I love being crafty. I love planning out a menu. I love watching people have a good time. I take full advantage of all of those things when it comes to planning my kiddo's birthday parties.

Sometimes I think that maybe I go over the top. My husband KNOWS I go over the top, but I enjoy it! And so does everyone who comes to the party! The countless hours of making decorations and cooking food is worth it to me (and fun for me)!

For Toddle Along Tuesday with Growing Up Geeky, this week, I thought I would post a few photos from each birthday party that I have planned...instead of linking to just one party.

Hannah's 1st Birthday:
Hannah's 1st birthday had a butterfly theme.
I made tons of little paper butterflies and hung them all over the place.
I made popcorn cones and tissue paper flower favors with chocolate covered pretzels inside.
We had beautiful chocolate butterflies on cupcakes and her smash cake.

Hannah's 2nd Birthday:
We went with bumble bees for Hannah's 2nd birthday.
I made little bees and had them buzzing over the food.

Hannah's 3rd Birthday:
Hannah's 3rd birthday is, by far, my favorite party that I have planned so far.
It was a tea party theme.
I made tons of little finger foods: tea sandwiches and different types of skewered foods.
We had a drink station where people could make their own tea.

Colson's 1st Birthday:
Colson's 1st birthday party was all about dots. I loved how everything came together!
I made chocolate covered oreos, rainbow jello and red velvet cupcakes with suckers.
We had a pasta bar. People could add in their own mix-ins to their pasta.
I hung tons of balloons from the ceiling.
Even his smash cake matched the dot theme--a great find from Target!

To say that I LOVE Pinterest, would be an understatement! It played a big roll in planning Hannah's 3rd birthday and Colson's 1st birthday.

Be sure to click the links to the blog posts for each individual party. There are more photos and details in those posts!

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  1. Wow FANTASTIC parties! That tea party looks so cute. I too love going all out for birthday parties. Afterall you only have so many to celebrate as your kids are small.

  2. OH-EM-GEEEE! I am SOO impressed right now. Not that I would doubt you, I'd just never seen any of these. How have I missed all these amazing parties?! J turns one in a little over a month and I am on a planning binge. Pinterest is not helping! But now the real decisions are having to be made. Eeek!

    Thanks for sharing :)


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