Birthday Party

Yesterday was Hannah's birthday party. I spent a lot of time planning, prepping and getting everything in order and I think it paid off.  Everything went off without a hitch!  Everyone loved the food (I didn't even have leftovers... I probably should have tripled the recipes) and the decorations.

Hannah had about 35 friends and family members come celebrate her birthday with her.  She got tons of new toys... and mommy even managed to get most of them put together last night so she could play with them.  Needless to say, our living room now looks like the toy aisle at Target.  Now I really wish we had a play room for all of her toys.  :oP  Ah well. But she loves all of her new toys!  :o)  I will be sure to take some photos of her playing with them and do a separate post.

But now onto the party pictures. I was busy with the food prep so I didn't get as many pre-party pictures as I would have liked so I apologize. But I did get a few before too many people arrived.

The setup.

I just loved how these cupcakes turned out! So cute!

Lets eat cake! YUM!

And the aftermath.  :oP  
There wasn't much left.  I think she liked it!

Present time!  
She actually did pretty well with trying to rip the paper herself.

All-in-all the party was a huge success! 

I just still can't believe that my baby is ONE!  Someone asked me how old she was today while I was at Panera and it was the first time I said she was 1 year old.  It was weird.  She just doesn't seem like she should be that old yet.  :o(

But thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us! Hannah is so fortunate to have such wonderful and loving family and friends.  :o)


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  1. It was a great party!
    I think I'll have to have a boy first -- Erin is thinking of a Yankee's theme party.


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